Monday, April 19, 2010

I have come to realize that life is passing me faster then I would like it to. I am flirting with the edge of the ending of a major chapter in my life: college. My time at Arizona State is dwindling before my eyes and graduation is looming on the horizon just a mere two semesters away. I am coming to the conclusion of my junior year as a college student and I can almost taste the sweet approaching days of summer. In striving for normalcy and simplicity I have come to find that my insane, crazy, quirky, rough, absolutely ridiculous life has something to say for itself: I can stand strong where others would fall, and that is something no one can take away from me. It has been a remarkable journey so far, and approaching events have the makings to become one of the most EPIC times of my life. This summer, 2010, some of my very favorite people and myself will be road-tripping from Phoenix AZ, to Chicago IL. This journey more or less across the United States is sure to bring laughter and memories that will never leave our hearts. HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS....So follow me as I journey across the states with my best friends... and see where my heart takes me... I am sure it will be a trek we will not soon forget.

10. You're not allowed to call "shotgun" until two months prior to your departure date (jumpinjack)
9. No singing to songs that you don't know the words to. (KissThisGuy)
8. One may only yell, "ROAD TRIP," before the trip begins. (JLM2CallsShotgun)
7. There is no stopping. If you have to "go," go in a cup. If there is no cup, go out the window. If you're not "comfortable" with that, hold it. (Boneless)
6. You are only allowed to scream once every half hour, unless you are involved in a traffic accident. (or both)
5. No farting. If said farting is unavoidable, the fartee's posterior must be outside the vehicle by 3 inches or more. See paragraph 7, guidlines on mooning, for details. (V's Herbie)
4. If you ever see a single shoe lying all by itself on the sholder, don't feel the need to question its presence. Some things mankind was not meant to know. (bemused_meerkat)
3. Friends don't let friends drive cars with New York license plates. At least, not in some of the rougher parts of Texas. (find a screwdriver)
2. Doritos are not a breakfast food. Unless they're going stale. (greenback)
1. No playing "Guess Who" with the driver. (Topher)

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