Monday, May 17, 2010

Brew Tour !

After our night out we slept in pretty late, and woke up happy. I was happy to wake up to little Klaus dog kissing my hands. Sarah told us about a legit yummy bagel sandwich place so we headed there for some much needed food and hangover recovery. I had the tastiest sandwich with spinach artichoke cream cheese and eggs and sausage on a wheat bagel.. oh YUM. We then decided we would hit up a brew tour. For those of you who don’t know Anheiser Busch (sp?) has a brewery right there in fort Collins.. and they give free tours?, yeah count us in. when we got there they told us it was get your picture with a Clidesdale day so we headed out to take pictures with “Danny” the giant clidesdale Budweiser horse.

I have never seen such a huge animal in my life, but he was very sweet. Our tour guides name was Luke and he lead us to the main brew house for our Budweiser tour.

First thing I noticed was the smell. Something like fresh made bread ? bur I was told I was smelling the hopps from the fermentation process. The tour was really cool and I learned a lot about making beer. Did you guys know that Budweiser makes Stella Artois, Bacardi Mojito, and shock top ? cause I sure didn’t. on the last leg of the tour they took us into this really cold room where the last part of the beer is made.. let me tell you, this room smelled AMAZING. It was fresh beer, so delicious. After the tour they take you back to the main house, and let you try 2 full free beer samples and one half og their berry beer. How amazing, free beer ? we were all happy little road trippers. Kate and I bought a sixer of the berry beer with intent on making pancakes once we arrive to Chicago. The beer we sampled was some of the freshest in the world because there was no wait time from production to sample and let me tell you it was some of the best beer I had ever had. We stopped in the gift shop then headed out after some pictures. Danny and Justin played bags with Sarah and her friend and also a few games of pool while Kate and I caught up on the internet and e mail. We then headed out for the last leg of our journey which I am currently writing from…. 15 hours in the car from Colorado to Chicago. Wyoming was gorgeous but let me tell you Nebraska is TERRIBLY boring… especially at night.. we played some games of 20 questions and would you rather before kate and Justin fell asleep.

If all goes as planned we should be getting to Batavia (dannys home town) by noon tomorrow. Check back soon for more crazy stories J

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