Friday, May 14, 2010

Our night on the vegas strip was everything I imagined it to be and more. My cousin Carly was awesome enough to overnight me a couple more forms of ID so as we hit the strip my new name was Carly Jean and boy did I own it. Kate and I dressed up in hot dresses and heels while the boys sported dress shirts and slacks. Of course, classy as we are... we decided to take shots out of water bottles in the car before we hit the strip. Mandalay Bay hotel has a free parking structure that we had parked in earlier that day so we headed there deciding that we would start at the end of the strip and work our way down. After Danny and I finnished a water bottle
of cheap disgusting vodka we decided we were buzzed enough to hit the strip. I decided I was going to be a southern bell right about here in the night
and thought, Hey why not, Im carly fron Texas and Im just the sweetest southern girl ever :) !!! geratest part is everyone I me actually bought it... Justin and danny really wanted to gamble at the penny and dime slots so we searched those out
and about the time they sat down to play is about the time I decided i needed a beverage... a REALLY BIG ALCOHOLIC SLUSHIE?! yeah sounded great at the time and looking back
it still sounds great. Drinks were outraegeously priced on the strip and in the lobby bars but these HUGE slushies were only $19.00. this may seem like a lot but in reality
there were as much as a cheap vodka and soda. right about here we met this reallllly short man that offered to walk us into his club LAX and gtet us VIP .. though this sounded tempting
we still didnt have our slushies so we trecked onward, sniping out the slushie bar. Kate and I asked about everyone we could find " excuse me where are the huge slushies?!" finally we were pointed in the right
direction. I got a little bit nervous to use my ID and I will admit I chickened out a bit, so we walked away and kate bought one without me. I pulled some cash out at the ATM and
Kate returned with her Berry slushie with intent to share with me. About the SECOND the slushie hit my tongue is when I decided I needed one of my own- they were fabulous
and since we paid for extra alcohol they were just what I needed. so I did it... I got up the courage and walked right up to the bar and ordered a slushie and set my ID down on the bar
here it was THE MOMENT OF TRUTH. the bartender walked over, looked at the Id, looked up at me and back down, and then he set it down (by this time i thought an eternity had
passed and he must be pushing some secret red button letting the CIA and FBI know there was an underage drinker with a fake ID) and just then he said
"thank you Carly".
ah a sigh of relief later he had returned with my HUGE beverage, and I had never felt so accomplished. Kate and I decided that it was time for us to learn how to
play craps so we tried to watch some men play a game as we wondered around Mandalay bay's casino. I have to say there are people from all walks of life in Vegas. We met a mad that
spoke with an Irish accent but his ID was from El salvador, and he let us watch his Crapps game. At this point the hotel attendant that pointed me to the slushies saw me and was genuinely
happy to see me with a huge drink and air high fived me.


and so Kate and I decided to continue to explore. At the risk of sounding completely self centered and terrible I will say this... we looked freaking hot, and the drunk men in vegas let us
know it. It was kinda all part of the fun though. We headed to the bathroom and broke the seal way too soon but afterwards we met a man who climed it was his birthday
and asked for a hug. A few birthday hugs later Kate and I decided we had about as much of Madalay as we had wanted. So we proposed we headed across the street to the Luxor
By this time Kate and I were completely wasted, in true vegas style of course, and the boys were close behind after they decided to grab a slushie of their own... wearing ridiculously large heels
was probably not the brightest idea I have ever had... and as kate and I belted out in song on the way to the luxor I think I fell around four times.
In the parking lot we thought it was a fantastic idea to sit on top of a corvette and take pictures, another wonderful idea. a few short steps later we had finally made it to the Luxor, and let me tell you
this felt like quite the journey so we were definitely accomplished. The luxor employees were just insanely nice. The blackjack table manager invited me over to sit and learn
without having to bet or play and I explained my name was Craly I was from Dallas Texas and in my sweetest southern belle accent I held an entire conversation about his home town in Ohio.
We then somehow made it to the MGM where we literally walked around wasted talking in my southern accent and falling over. and right about here our night was over
please note scorecard below:

Justin let vegas get the best of him and was lost for a brief period of time but we found him... and like a spartan soldier he carried his empty cup high in the
air the entire way back to the car
. When we arrived at the car ( at this point danny is shirtless and kate is shoeless) we decided everyone was too drunk to drive and we all needed a power nap
to sober up before deciding to hit the road again. Power nap turned into an ENTIRE NIGHT in the car. yep, we were that classy that we slept in the car in vegas in a parking lot...
oh and it gets better YA'LL.. we just HAD to listen to techno while falling asleep and when we woke up at 10 am. the car battery was dead. The boys attempted to ask around
for a jumper cable while I sat deathly ill in the front seat. I soon decided this was hopeless and put back on my huge heels and set out to find jumper cables. Which I found, in oh about 5 minutes.
FINALLY we could leave after 3 hours of sitting in a battery dead car. Thank you strangers who helped us out :) A hot shower, some sandwhiches and a vitamin water later we hit the open road again,
Vegas you were wonderful, Ill be back soon. Now we are off to Zion National Park....

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