Thursday, May 13, 2010

We decided on a spur of the moment decision to leave Wednesday night at 2 am instead of waiting untill 5 am. A trip to the grocery store for necessities and some serious energy drinks was in order. We hit the road around 2:15 and we were just 5 hours away from the city of lights and sin. Justin and Kate fell asleep within a couple hours but I decided to stay awake with danny because I didnt want him to have to be awake alone.

We arrived in vegas sometime around 7:45 AM, after a quick photo op at the hoover dam.

We slept for a few hours before we decided to see what Vegas had in store for us... and believe me, it was quite the day :)

A few funny moments to share:
  • Kate a Justin thought for sure that a company sigh which read "building materials" meant that they just built different materials, and went on making fun of the company saying "well thats Vague" and "what kind of materials"
  • Danny and I thought for sure we say a UFO
  • Kate thought she got a great deal on protein bars only to open the box and find she bought Minis and shed have to eat around 4 to get to the size of a regular protein bar

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