Monday, May 17, 2010

Fort Collins Colorado-- I think I love you

Once we left Denver and headed to fort Collins I was about worn out. So I took a nap on the floor of the van on the drive up in hopes that I would be rested by the time we got there. I was awoke when Danny told me we were close and I pried myself off the ground. When I sat up in a seat I felt like I was in a different world. Everything around me was GREEN, and I mean really green. The streets were hustling with local students and people and the best park about the town is seriously everywhere you look, someone had a dog. Being around other dogs helps a lot when you miss your little dog so much. We arrive at dannys cousin Sarah house in fort Collins around 5 all ready to eat, we were all getting a little grumpy from being so hungry. It was so nice to know we would be staying in a house and not in the van, and also to have someone who knows the city there to help show us around. Sarah is possibly one of the most relaxed chill funny people I have ever met. We all set straight out for their main strip of bars and restaurants which was a lot like Tempes, Mill ave. I had said I was in the mood for Mexican so Sarah took us to a place called the Rio. It was a little cloudy out and Kate and I were just about near freezing because the wind was blowing and we are total wussies for the cold weather. The Rio was really good food and Kate and I shared a really yummy dish of floutas, and kate had the tiniest margarhita I have ever seen. We headed back to the house after this to hang out and power nap and such before we went out for the night. Sarah explained that it was CSU’s (Colorado state university) graduation that day and that bars would be slam packed but a lot of fun. Apparently we came the right night !! We headed to get mixers from a liquor store and pre gamed a bit at the house before Sarah came home from her friends graduation.

Before I go any further I should mention at this point I have completely fallen in love with this little dog named Klaus. He is a boston terrier who I might mention is HUGE for his breed. He is Sarahs friends dog that she was dog sitting and really the sweetest little guy. He made me feel so much better about missing my little Crashy baby.

So back to the party. At this point we are all a little buzzed from pre gaming and we head to the bars. First stop was an outside bar and I might ad it was my first actual bar I tried my ID at.. again I got a Thank you Carly. So I took a picture to commemorate and then quickly bought kate and I our first round


Can you say amazing 3$ vodka redbulls ?! we weren’t here very long though before we headed out to our next and final bar. All the bars in Colorado are based on occupancy so no one can go in unless someone comes out in place of you so the line took a bit but it wasn’t too bad. As we quickly headed for the bar for our second round sarah bought us all a gummy beat shot. Uhm sooo yummy. Then kate and I walked around, mingled, and made new friends. One thing I really love about fort colins is the people. I was bought a total or 11 drinks that night and only paid for one. But the men who bought me drinks never hit on me or were disrespectful or pushy in any way, they just genuinely wanted to talk for a few minutes. This was wonderful. Pretty soon kate and I are wasted, and have made friends with half the people in the bar. Apparently you get drunker faster there because of the elevation… great haha I wish I was warned me. Kate and I had so much fun talking and dancing around here..

So we finally find danny, Justin and Sarah and we are chit chatting when out of no where a bar fight breaks out. I get shoved into the table and kicked in the process of them breaking it up and kate got nailed in the head. We both were hurting pretty bad and so we got more free drinks to make us feel better… like we needed them or something.

Around 1:30 is last call, which I though was kinda weird but we were ready to head out anyways at this point. On the way back to the car we decided to grad a euro from a street vendor, let me tell you… best drunk food ever, and all of like 3 dollars. Can you say fantastic ? I should take a second to re assure any questions here… we had a sober ride home so all you parents and family members do not fret J we made it back to Sarah;s house happy, full, drunk, and so ready for sleep it was insane. What a wonderful night we had, probably my favorite place so far.

NEXT UP: BREW TOURS ?! uhm yes please.

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