Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Today I am packing up and spending as much time with danny as possible (meaning right now hes playing NCAA football) so I have time to blog. Looking back this really has been one of the very best trips of my life, its crazy to think i have been gone 2 weeks because it actually seems like so much longer. I was here in Batavia for 10 days and I am realizing how much I am going to miss this place. This house is so welcoming and warm and Mrs. Schmitt is the most amazing cook (really going to miss her tasty treats). I have been able to take the time I needed to clear my head from last semester and relax before I must go back to the grind of working. It has been such a wonderful opportunity to enjoy all the little things and reflect on the best trip of my 20 years in life. I have to mention I am really excited to see my friends, family, and little mr. doggie back home but I am sad my trip must come to a close. This marks the start of the longest stretch without seeing danny that we have ever had to do. Possibly 2 and a half months before Ill see my man again, and Im pretty bummed out about it. I keep telling him he should fly home and pop in and surprise me but I doubt that will happen. What a fantastic time this has been, I found out more about myself then I had expected and am really ready for the rest of summer and working my booty off. Ill miss you road trip 2010, and everything that came along with you.... but all great things must come to an farewell 2010 roadtrip... goodbye Batavia.. and adios Schmitt household !


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