Saturday, May 15, 2010

Arches National Park
Prior to leaving on this road trip I asked danny and kate and justin, " do you think we will learn a lot about each other on this trip? " they all answered no because we knew so much about each other already but on the drive from zion to arches there was some deep conversations, and I dont know if everyone felt the same as me, but I definitely learned a lot about everyone... not including justin because he cannot handle himself awake in the car and to keep up with his tradition he fell right asleep about an hour into the drive. The stars were incredible but it was PITCH BLACK on the way there. It took around 6 hours putting us into Moab Utah around 2:45 am. To save on money we slept in the car... yes... in the shaggin wagon van. and as I mentioned how CLASSY we are earlier we parked to sleep at none other the motel 6... but not in the motel... in the parking lot in the car. Danny and I in our infinite wisdom decided to re arrange the car so we could sleep next to each other in the back to stay warm and put one person across the back seat and justin reclined n the front..... yeah ....... this took around an hour to re arrange because we needed to move all of our bags. but we did it... and we fell asleep (barely I might add). Only to wake up a few hours later in good ol Moab Utah. After a quick teeth brushing incident in the parking lot we headed for some breakfast at a cafe in town where the service was great and the food was better (mmm chorizo and cheese omlettes) Where we met an awesome server who stated all he needed was to smoke a bowl and have some coffee after his long morning. Then on to Arches National Park...... let me take a second to explain that I was expecting to see Arches... EVERYWHERE. but let me tell ya, to my dismay, there wasnt arches ANYWHERE IN SIGHT. We stopped at a view point and our first arch that was hike-able to to poke around the desert and rocks. We took off and Hiked and climed around and explored the desert finding really amazing things.... flowers and lizards and cactus OH MY ! So we climbed real rock walls and got lost in nature, it was so simple and so fantastic I almost felt like exploding with excitement.
The boys wanted to hike up to a really big arch that Kate and I didnt think we could make it to so they said they would meet us at the car at the bottom as they were hiking down as it is. Kate and I had no problem with this so we headed back to the car. I found a really flat rock where I did a quick ab work out and stretched out after our hike. Kate went off exploring huge ant hills and I soon met up with her to take pictures of really pretty flowers. We were sitting there for around 25 minutes when we started to worry about the boys because they werent back yet. BUt we brushed it off saying " ah they probably just found something cool to hike" After a few more minutes we really started to worry, but our phones were locked in the shaggin wagon van. 45 minutes had gone by when kate and I decided we needed to break into the van to get to our phones. This is where the story gets really interesting.... Kate climbed on the roof of the van and used a stick to pry open the door.... HONK HONK BEEP BEEP HONK HONK... oh shit..... the alarm is going off. so I quickly shut the door and we turn bright red as everyone turned around to look at the dumb girls who set the alarm off... GREAT. we then realized we didnt get anything we needed out of the car so yes.. yet again we set the alarm off.
We hopped in and grabbed our phones when the boys (sweaty and looking like they had been beat) came walking around the corner. WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN ?! they explained that they got caught in a crevace like ravine where they had to shimmy their bodies around to get them out. I felt so bad at this point, and justly worried. The poor boys had literally almost died. (THANK GOD THEY ARE OKAY) We spent the rest of the day hiking around trying to find the arch that is on the Utah license plate.... which by the way we DID NOT find, so Kate and I entertained everyone on the path yet again with our disney songs. We drank spring water right form the ground here again which tasted a little like hose water but was ridiculously refreshing. We met really cool people on the trails who we took turns taking pictures with. We left a few hours later.. And after a crappy spell of car sickness we decided to head out that night for Colorado !
Watch out Colorado-- Here we Come !!

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