Sunday, May 16, 2010


Yes break.. not bust, as Justin described to us. I would go ahead and start this blog about colorado but I am pretty sure the trip in warrants a blog for itself. It was just insane to say the least. Justin and Kater were in the back seat and I was in the front as navigator, we decided first to take the scenic byway because as we said we had all the time in the world, on this road.. to my complete happiness we ran into a bunch of baby cows in the middle of the road. SO CUTE. We them headed towards the mountains which would be the last part of our 6 hour long trip from Arches to Denver. It was raining pretty hard and the windsheild wipers just SUCKED so we had to stop to buy new ones and top the tank off. This whole process was so hilarious because Danny and Justin couldnt figure out how to change them for the life of them. We took a video which I will upload at some point for all of your viewing pleasures. ABout half way up the mountain I realized that the rain was getting thicker... so thick... oh yes, it was SNOWING. As we climbed the mountain it just got worse and worse.... I explained to my comrades this was the first real snow storm I had ever driven in and kept asking if it was a blizzard. Apparently it was because we could not see more then 5 feet ahead and I had to watch the side rail to gage where we were on the road. Instead of stopping we decided to TREK ON ! Could have been a terrible decision but we happened to make it. It was one of the craziest experiences of my life ! We got into Denver around 2 in the morning but it took us FOREVER to find somewhere to sleep. Being that it was so cold we decided to make the group decision to get a motel, something VERY VERY cheap. Irwin the GPS was not helping in finding us motels very well but we finally called a place who said we could stay for around 40$ total for 2 beds, split four ways. We got there, got checked in (looked shady but not unpassable). As we were getting out things out of the car this guy who works at a nearby bar stopped and asked, "youre not gonna stay here are you?!" uhm yes we were planning on it.. and then he said "well dont leave a single thing in your car cause itll get stolen" ohhh uhm thanks. I turned around and we all looked at each other and we decided at once we needed to leave. Finally we found a motel 6 and agreed to drive there. when we arrived there were cop cars outside (GREAT, can this city get any worse?!) I guess the SECURITY GUARD was assaulted or something. CRAP, all we wanted was to sleep so we went ahead and checked in and got the room. It was so nice to sleep in a bed.. as shitty as it was, and we woke up the next morning showered and refreshed and ready to drive around Denver a bit before we headed up to Fort Collins.

Oh Colorado... I think I will love you forever... stay tuned for Ft. Collins !

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